Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 12-12-12 Finish

I finished this tote for Carol Van Zandt at Andover for the Quilt Market.  I blogged about it below.  It was a huge deal for me.  And completed and delivered to Dallas, 2 pillow cases, a stuffed caterpiller, and a stuffed cat for my niece and nephew's 4th birthday party.  Made a mini quilt for the HMQG mini swap.

But my daughter's wedding is in 3 days and I will have to post pictures of everything else later.  

Licorice Fizz Tote for Carol Van Zandt at Andover Fabrics

OK, but I really finished 75 party favors, 4 bridesmaid purses and totes, the flower girl dress, the place cards and menus, sewed a bra into my MOB dress, and finished the wedding quilt.  I did not post a picture of the wedding quilt because it is queen size all in white and neutrals shabby chic.  It does not photograph well, but I will try to get one later.  Another thing I did in October was go to Salt Lake City to the Sewing Summit.  I have pictures of that, and will post them soon, too.

Oh yeah, family arriving tomorrow, and water heater went out....No hot water.  Such is life.
showing off at market along with great door prize donation from Quilter's Dream Batting

Henry's catapiller pillow for 4th birthday
HMQG Mini Quilt Swap...Mine is the far left mostly white one.  I won a precious little mug rug size mini (not shown)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sewing Summit Extravaganza

Well, this has to be the busiest I have ever been in my life!  And I don't even have a job....

1. The wedding is on track but I still have tons to do.  Place cards, flowergirl dress, goodie bags, and on and on and on.  Plus the weight I need to lose to get into the MOB dress.  *sigh*

2.  Made the pillows and stuff for the twins birthday, went to Dallas, came back.  Forgot to get pictures, of course.

3.  Went to Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City and had the fabric orgy I always dreamed of.  The hotel, Little Americas, was spectacular.  Shopping was over the top, and I had some really fun classes.  Ate alot of yummy food, compliments of the organizers of the Summit.

Licorice Fizz by Andover Fabrics.  Took this picture standing on the bed at the hotel in Salt Lake City.  I was sooooo excited to get it.
      The best part was meeting a fabric designer from Andover fabrics, Carolyn Van Zandt.  She let me play with her new line called Licorice Fizz and I really love it.  I am so into Black and White fabrics right now.  Anyway, the best part is that (thanks to Gabby) she let me make a tote with some fat quarters of Licorice Fizz.  I made/modified the 241 Tote by Noodlehead that I had been wanting to make.  Well this fabric was such a great fit with the tote.  I used the Andover Dimples in a pinkish orange to put a little pop of color in the piping and lining.
I pleated the 4 fabrics in the front, added piping, and made the handles longer and wider.
241 Tote Pattern by Noodlehead
Anyway, back to the wedding stuff.  I will try to get more pictures of the other things I am working on now that I found my camera!