Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Ides of March

Ah, March.  My wedding anniversary is on the 9th, my sister's birthday is on the 5th, my daughter's birthday is on the 17th.  And it starts getting friggin hot in Houston.  26 years ago, it was so hot, that my grandmother was sewing in sweat pads under the arms of my wedding dress and the church had not yet put on the AC. 

OK enough of that.  Now the good news.  Andrea Zuill aka Badbird actually asked me for permission to use my embroidered Days of the Week dishtowels on her site as an example of her work.  Wooooooohoooooo, I am such a fan of her work that I feel like a groupie.  If you haven't seen her stuff-shame on you-you can go to her Badbird Etsy store.  I bought these Days of the Week embroidery designs a long time ago and finally completed the project for my sister's birthday gift. 

On another "completed task" note, I finished mailing the two IBOL packages that were promised back in early Feb.  Whew, I was really slow to get that done.  I still have two boxes ready to ship when he starts the next round.  I think I need to get my quilt guild to do a project for this.  What a good way to get rid of extra fabric and supplies.