Friday, March 22, 2013

I WON the Heather Ross Giveaway!

Last week, I won the Heather Ross Giveaway on the Houston Modern Quilt Guild Blog!
The funny thing about winning this is since I rarely (and I cannot stress how rarely) win anything, I went and bought the Prints book.  But now I get the Weekends book, too.  YAY!  Of course I know that I am among the legion of quilters and sewists that worship the artwork of Heather Ross, so I am thankful and thrilled to get this book.

Thank you Diedre for hosting the giveaway on the Houston Modern Quilt Guild Blog.

Hippos - Hippos - Hippos and Elephants!!!

I have taken a big step for me.  My little hippos are now in a store called Space-Montrose.  Of course they are still in my Etsy Store, but I am hopeful that the store can boost my sales.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I love the little guys and now I love the elephants, too.   

Pam's Elephants

Bubbles was donated to UOS Goldberg Montessori School's silent auction to fundraise for playground equipment.  I am hoping that she can help out!

Bubbles for auction

Well, that is all the blogging I can do for now, but at least I did it!  Thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Love is in the Air

Nothing says love like a pink or red hippo?  Well I would say so.

I have acquired quite a stable of pink and red hippos that would be great for a Valentine's Day surprise.  Jacey is going to actually give away one of my babies on her blog Jaceycraft.  She is a beauty.  I call her Ruby, but you can rename her once you get to know her.
Ruby is for the giveaway contest, but she has friends available at
....and a 10% discount during this week of the contest.  Just type in Ruby10 in the coupon code! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Little Critters

My latest infatuation has been sewing little critters.  So far just hippos and elephants.  These are so satisfying to make after making 4 giant quilts for Christmas, and 1 king size for my bed.  I needed something to make and finish.  These little guys fit the bill.  I am in love with all of them, and I think they each have a definite personality.  FatChickQuilts is where I am selling them.  I only have so much room to keep all these critters, but I can't stop making them!

Lelani, Chevy and Ginger....Meet the Hippos

Thursday, January 3, 2013

December 12-12-12 Final Finish

Welcome to the Liz, Amy and Safieh's 12 finishes in 12 months in 2012, December finish. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.  We had a fantastic time in Katy, visiting Sarah and Derek (the newlyweds) and in Austin with the whole family.  Becky flew in from Portland and we were sad when she had to go back.

The grand finale of 12-12-12 finishes! I completed alot in December. It felt like I got nothing done, but in review, wow. The main focus of the month was Christmas...of course. I was committed to finishing Gigi and Henry's quilts for their "big kid" beds. Holy crap was that alot of work. They are both double bed size.
Gigi's Vintage Modern
Henry's Chevrons

Chevron quilting.  Lots of quilting.
Backside of Henry's blue, gray, and gold quilt
Henry's HSTs almost killed me, but it was worth it.  I even sacrificed most of my beloved gold grundge fabric for him. 

Gigi's went fast.  I love the Vintage Modern.  My Sister sent me photos!