Tuesday, January 31, 2012

12 Quilts in 12 months in 2012 - January

January quilt completed!  For my first 12/12/12 project, I finished quilting and binding my Mom's twin size shabby chic quilt. She has two twin beds in her guest room, so I gave her the first one for Christmas but ran out of time to finish the second. Now if I can just find the time to go to Austin and give it to her.
Now I can hold my head up with pride in knowing I followed through and completed my first project of the new year.  Woooohooooo!! And with Ms. Kitty's help, I will keep up with my blogging this year.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Making Coin Purses

OK, I needed another project like another hole in my head... But since I ordered purse frames with kiss locks on them, I HAVE to make purses. I am in love with the sew in frames. They are so neat, clean and sturdy. I used I Like Orange Too's tutorial and it worked like a charm.

  Love these sew in frames. 

 Do not care for these glue in frames.  They just don't seem as sturdy.  Time will tell.
Bunny Fail.  My first trial run at making these frame purses.  Bunny's ear is falling off.  But it is cute.

Monday, January 9, 2012

12 Quilts in 12 Months in '12

During December I was frantically finishing the last of the Christmas gift quilts for my family. I couldn't wait to relax and let my hands heal. Though I completed 6 quilts for Christmas, I could not remember other quilts I had finished last year. My 2011 blogging and photography has been a complete fail, so I was excited when safieh proposed that Amy and I join her in a challenge to complete twelve quilts (or other projects) in 2012.

It's very simple. Each month you should:
(1) Finish a quilt: You can start something from scratch, finish a WIP or assemble those bee blocks you've been holding on to. We'd love for all 12 finishes to be great, big, snuggly quilts, but bags, potholders and other projects count, too!
(2) Join our link party: On the last day of each month, one of us will host a link-up where you can link us to a blog post or a flickr pic of your finish. At the end of 12 months, we hope you will share a mosaic of your fab finishes!
(3) Stand back and pat yourself on the back: A job well done deserves a reward! Each month we will have a little giveaway for those who participate and link to their finish. At the end of the year, there will be a bigger giveaway for those who participate all 12 times and link their mosaics!

I plan to make my first finish the second twin shabby chic quilt for my Mom. She has already informed me that I will be delivering it to her in Austin on January 15! Gotta get going on it.