Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring time and the livin' is easy

It is heating up in H-town.  Ugh.  But I have had lots to do, thanks to a couple of friends that asked me to do some sewing for them.  Yay.

First is a bride to be that didn't have time to make her bridesmaid gifts, so she let me make them.  They are gorgeous Anna Marie Horner figuring the 8 scarves in Innocent crush velveteen and voile.  I had a little trouble at first with the nap on the velvet and the slippery voile, but once I got it figured out (starch and looser stitching) I was whipping through them in no time.

I am also making some Jane Market totes for them in Innocent Crush.  The fabric should arrive today and I cannot wait to get started.  I did finish the flower girl bag because I had the fabric.  It is Heather Ross girls with horses from Spoonflower.  I made one for my sister, the horse lover (the little girl on the print looks just like my sister did when she was little). 

 Here are a few others that I had made for myself, but happily found new homes. 

Second, is some Easter baskets for 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy.  I had already made two for my niece and nephew and they are fun to make.  I used canvas on the inside to give them some strength.  Since I made up the pattern for the twins, who are only 2, I made the new ones a little bigger and changed a few things.  Got to get working on the boy one today!


  1. Great to have sewing projects. Lovely scarves and those are the cutest bags!

  2. Thanks, I have made so many bags and scarves in the last month, I do it on autopilot. Not that I am complaining!! I love them, too.


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