Monday, May 9, 2011

Swaps That I Have Received

Pretty Little Pouch: I have been one lucky swapper!  THIS is why I am so stoked about swaps.  Here is the very swap that I have received.  Celeste (Celesta50) sent me this beautiful Pretty Little Pouch.  I knew from the first second I saw this that it had to be mine.  Perfection pouch!  How many design elements did she add?  Linen, Parisville, embroidery, circles, large enuf for my small or medium embroidery hoop, zipper pouches in one bag.  Holy cow.  Plus the interiors of both are gorgeous.  I have already toted this thing all over creation.  It went to the beach with me this weekend and to jury duty last week.  Thank you Celeste, you are a wizard.

Make Mine Modern:  The second swap package I received was another incredible find!  This one was from Tamiko (Strawberrylicious).  Holy Crap, look at this loot.  She made the most beautiful, sweet, superfeminine, little pouches and sewing kit I have every had.  Once again linen!, Sherbet Pips (sigh) and hexies.  Plus Parisville fabric and background for the cathedral window pouch.  It is kinda funny that I sent a Shebet Pips charm pack to my partner for this swap, and I received one!, which is soooo great because I had a hard time parting with my first pack.  I paid it forward and got the reward.  *happy*

Look at this sewing kit!  She even made hexies for me.  And adorable scissors (a secret passion of mine).
Cathedral window zipper pouch.  Just large enough to hold my money, credit cards, phone and keys.  I carry it in my big purse.  I can see people looking when I whip it out. 

Each one a marvel!  The outside of the sewing kit.  SQUEEEEEEE!  Pips, Parisville, Pouches...

Pink Puppy Pips in a pouch.  I am keeping my pips charms in this little pouch.  I will keep making the pip hexies and store them and the scraps in this one.  Who knows what it will grow up to be?

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