Monday, January 30, 2012

Making Coin Purses

OK, I needed another project like another hole in my head... But since I ordered purse frames with kiss locks on them, I HAVE to make purses. I am in love with the sew in frames. They are so neat, clean and sturdy. I used I Like Orange Too's tutorial and it worked like a charm.

  Love these sew in frames. 

 Do not care for these glue in frames.  They just don't seem as sturdy.  Time will tell.
Bunny Fail.  My first trial run at making these frame purses.  Bunny's ear is falling off.  But it is cute.


  1. bunny's not a complete fail! he just has an ear issue, but he's got the perfect tail! love the one with the girl with braids - perfect fussy cutting!

  2. I LOVE the purses you made! Thanks to your blog I went to "I like Orange" and JUST today made my first one! SO CUTE! I have a question for you... I did have a couple issues with my embroidery floss... halfway through the first side it started to look rough and and started to fray... then it broke and I had to start all over again. I guess the rubbing against the holes was too much for it. I restrung it but the floss still looks a little beat up. Did you have any issues like this? I wonder if it was my frame's fault? Any suggestions? Besides that, I am in love with it, LOL.

    1. Hi Em, Thank you! I love making these little purses, in fact I have built up quite an inventory. :) As to your question about the floss, yes mine frayed, too, so it isn't your frame. I started using a nylon thread to do the first round of stitching to anchor the purse into the frame. Then I go through with 3 strands of embroidery floss. Make sure you use DMC thread. I tried the cheap stuff and it was a nightmare. When the floss starts fraying, I would make a small knot (quilt knot) and bury it in the fabric and start with a new floss. Hope you posted pictures of your purse, because I want to see!


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