Monday, April 30, 2012

April 12-12-12 Finish

I did it!  I finished my March goal by the end of April.  This was a quilt top that I was going to finish for my brother's Christmas present....But he selected another quilt made with Origins by Basic Grey.

The fabric is Fleur Nouveau, and I bought it probably 4 years ago and never could make myself cut into it.  Shades of pale aqua, black, pale green.

Anyway, I call it the spider web because something came over me when I was free motion quilting the circles.  It got waaayyyy out of control.  So, lets just say it is going to hold up for many many years.  There is more thread than quilt.  But the colors just draw me in.
Spider Web

I think Violet is the prettiest part of any quilt.
The back - sans kitteh

Sorry, cant help it, I just love my new kittens...(Proud Mama) Oh yeah and the quilt is now covering my couch.


  1. love it! and of course vivi, too!

  2. ditto what safieh said! such a pretty kitty posing on a pretty quilt!

  3. The quilt is lovely! I want to come meet your kitties!!


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