Saturday, October 29, 2011

Houston International Quilt Festival

This is the time of yea.r that we have all been waiting for...  The HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL QUILT FESTIVAL!  The Houston Modern Quilt Guild is hosting some great meet ups for everyone.

The time has come!

This Saturday is the Modern Quilt Guild Market Meet up hosted by us here in the Houston Modern Quilt Guild.

The details:
Market MQG Meetup:
Saturday October 29th
The Hilton Lobby Bar
8:00 PM

We are having some crazy awesome door prizes from some amazing sponsors.

And next Saturday we are having a Festival meet up! At which there will be EVEN MORE PRIZES!!

Festival MQG Meetup:
Saturday November 5th
The Hyatt Lobby Bar
8:00 PM
All are welcome to either event so please come and enjoy!

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