Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Made for Swap

Update:  Here is a little bag I made from Anna Marie Horner's Innocent Crush fabric that I bought for the swap.  I finished my swap partner project and had some material left over.  Daughter #1 loved the material and asked for a little zipper bag.  Here she is!

Maybe I made the pin cushion below for the swap, but it is now MINE!  I don't think my partner would like this  material as much as something else, so I am going to make her the same thing in different material.  What a sacrifice!

This Love material by Amy Butler is so scrumptious to me, I am going to make alot of trial stuff in it for myself, for the swap. 

The pattern is from Sew Mama Sew and is easy and fun.  I overfilled the rice bag, but that can be remedied.

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  1. congrats on taking one for the team! ha! it looks great, though, so i'm sure your partner will like it in whatevr fabric you end up choosing for her.


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