Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My New Logo

I must thank my best friend in the whole wide world, Pamela Myhre, for creating a logo for me!  She is the owner and empress of design for Icon Design in Boise, ID.  She designed my chick to look like me.  According to my girls, she succeeded.  Thank you so much Pamela!! I love it.  (She added the quilting goddess to the logo-not me). 

The Fat Chick became the logo because of my love of bird drawings and graphics.  I have been embroidering little fat chick tags for all of my quilts for a long time.


  1. it's adorable! and there is a brick in the courtyard of the keenan-flagler business school at UNC-Chapel Hill that has my name over the words "tax goddess". don't ask me how much that cost ;-)

  2. Wow-thanks for the kind words, Liz! LOVE the Empress of Design comment. (By the way, sadly enough I ran across your comment about me when "self-Googling." In my defense, I was only so narcissistically employed because I wanted to see a used chair listed on Craig's List and hadn't heard back from the woman- so I wondered if she googled my name and became alarmed!


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